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We are a 501 c3 Non Profit and all of your donations are tax deductible. We can also except cars, boats, homes, land, etc as donations towards our cause.


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Join us for a fun filled nights with readings, positive music, art, and stretching at the 

Spirit of Music Foundation Retreat Center 

 105 Tucker Ave in Sarasota, FL 

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We are a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization dedicated towards providing the Healing Power of Music to everyone who can use a life lift plus funding for musical instruments, lessons and scholarships for future generations of musicians. With your donations and the great support team of musicians around the country, we can make a difference in so many lives for those in need.  Help us spread our Positive Music Message and Education into your community!


Positive Music Concerts

Energize Your Vibes  - Key Note Concerts. The band Saint Tone performs Positive, Self Empowering , Non Denominational songs while giving powerful talks and stories in-between each song. Click on the promo video for a sample of the show.

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Founder / President



Founder / President Tony "Saint Tone" Lavorgna has been a musician for 35 years. As a singer / songwriter, he has traveled around the world entertaining US troops, performing special events at the LA County Jail, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and many other organizations in need of hearing the uplifting message of his music. He understands the power that music brings when it is shared with those in situations where music provides hope. As a recent recipient of the F. Richard Kelley Humanitarian Award, Tony is passionate about the healing power of music, music education and serving our community of music.

Our Board Members & More


Spirit Of Music Foundation started in Sept of 2015 in California. Since then the head quarters has moved to Sarasota, FL.

We are registered an able to conduct business in both states.

 Tony Lavorgna - Founder / President

Janie Boisclair - Secretary / Board

David Gilman - Treasurer / Board

Barbara Compton - Board

Patty Stynski - Board

Maria Delucia - Board




Are you passionate about what we're doing? Do you have skills that can assist us in achieving our goals? Not sure how you could help?  We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We're excited about the opportunity to have you join our team!

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Positive Music Concerts



The Healing Power of our Positive Music with a Message of Self Empowerment is what the musical artist Saint Tone brings to his concerts. If it’s solo with an acoustic guitar or a full high energy production with a 6 piece band; it's the words and music that get to the root of the matter to heal and up lift. CDs with lyric booklets and downloads are given out to audience members to take, replay, and relive these empowering moments after the show is done.  The music and message live on and continue to help & heal. Learn more and listen to some positive music at

Musicians Around the Country



There are musicians around the country that are ready and waiting to perform for those in need  - from coast to coast in the US to around the world as we continue to expand. If you know of a musician or group that would like to join our team, please have them contact us.

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More About Us

Healing Power of Music


Music  has the POWER to Heal and Change Lives! If it's a song you remember from you  high school days or a empowering song with a message of hope; music transcends all boundaries and lifts the soul when it needs it most. 



 The Spirit Of Music Foundation  gives away one scholarship award once a year to an individual who wants to continue their education  in music. To apply for a scholarship application please contact us.

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Instruments and Music Lessons


There are future musicians in need of donated instruments and lessons in our community! We provide the opportunity for those used instruments to find a new home with someone hungry to learn. We help those individuals with the desire to learn with music lessons too! Donate today and be part of the movement for music education!



Here's a Sample of the Wide Variety of Positive Music by the artist Saint Tone

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Video of our Last Fundraiser Event 

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